Knowing a car itself is a whole world on its own, one should not be surprised when someone is always thinking about little tweaks that will improve our life in cars. No matter what kind of tricks you do think you know, there will always be those who would make you think “Why did I not think of that?”

This time we bring you a quite popular video of 5 simple but clever car life hacks. From cleaning the air vent in the most effective way, to smoothing up your seatbelt, to a really clever way of making a custom-made phone holder in case you need the GPS on your long trip. The last one is especially neat!

Take a look at these hacks being explained on the go, and feel free to try any of them at home. These are easy to remember and will make your life better. Which one do you find the most useful? Do you have a car hack that you would like to share? Feel free to do so in the comments below!


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