They call him the one and only true life hacker. If you have been exploring life hacks on the internet, then you must have stumbled upon the Crazy Russian Hacker. This guy always presents some never-heard-of life hacks, and today is no different.

Today’s video is about life hacks that can be done with one simple screwdriver. A logical assumption would be to think that a screwdriver is of course, for screw driving only. But who on Earth would have thought that a simple screwdriver could be used as an efficient funnel?

The Crazy Russian Hacker does show us of how well can this work, as he pours oil from one plastic bottle to another, without spilling a single drop.

The others hacks are more simple but still very effective. You cannot know when and if you are going to find yourself in a situation like these, but since these hacks are simple and easy to remember, they may come across your mind in dire times. You have a completely strip screw that will not come out no matter how hard you try to screw?

Russian Hacker has a solution. You do not have the right-sized wrench at the moment but you need to unscrew something? The Hacker is again at it.

Feel free to watch and learn the Crazy Russian’s hacks and remember – safety is his number one priority. Which one do you think is the most useful from this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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