The world of cars is immense. In a way, they are like humans – you first find beauty in the face (body) than the character (performance). Car manufacturers have been trying to do their best in making the best-looking cars, which is a competition in its own way. But valuing a car by its look only is amateurish. A real car-person would also like to take a glimpse under the hood. Here is why, we present 7 of the most gorgeous engines ever created.

The list starts with non-other than the Alfa Romeo’s V6 with some fancy carbon-fiber intake. The blue silicone boot may seem a bit drastic compared to the other warm colors, but it is a component of the engine so it’s fine.

Second one is the Ford’s Indy 4-cam with the turbo put in the rear, and we get to see it from full circle around it, just like a presentation should be. Up next is an idle Cosworth’s DFV that has some quite pleasant sound to offer.

Next we get to see a show presentation of a Vincent bike, also idle, but with a roaring sound. Fifth on the list is maybe the most unique one on this list, and it is a huge Duesenberg Straight-8. It has a distinct tone and though not in the greatest video-quality, the sound can still be heard as it is pretty loud. After that is a Ford Flathead V8 with its own style points, and last but not least is the Offenhauser Inline with its own particular sound and style.

Of course, when it comes to picking the most beautifully looking engine, it is always subjective as it depends heavily on the consumer. Which one do you find to be the most beautiful on the list? Is your favorite on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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