When you are a fan of some car, you usually like the way it looks. No modifying, no transformations. You feel skeptical for cross-building cars as it might turn into a disaster. But what if a certain someone wants his newish car to look a little bit classier? Then, we might have a problem, but in the world of cars – there are always solutions.

This has actually happened. A driver wanted his 2001 Camaro to have a more retro look, and he starting looking for solutions.

It must have taken some time, but he got to a point where he satisfied his need. We are looking at headlights that are little bit hidden, shape of a coke-bottle and hunched rear fenders. All these were parts of the 1968 Camaro Z/28, but the LS6 V8, the 4-link rear, the 4L60 and the inside are all from the ‘futuristic’ 2001 Camaro.

This vehicle was invited to be a part of the parade for the Formula One racing at the Circuit of the Americas.

Is this the way to go? Is this a take it or leave it vehicle? Should more people be encouraged to do such mutations? State your opinion in the comments below.

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