Today’s story will be about taking it from rust to riches. This car is a Buick Riviera from the year of 1964 and it goes by the name ‘Rivision’. After some action, it was left to rust in car junkyard, but had recently had a new daddy that goes by the name of JF Launier. This 39-year-old guy basically rescued and brought life back to this car.

Not only did he brought life, but he also brought some awards to it. We are talking about being named the America’s best modified car at the Detroit Autorama expo that took place 50 years after the car was built – in the year of 2014. What a way to celebrate your 50th anniversary!

Back to the sad part, when Launier found and took the car, it was basically a lackluster. It had no doors or seats – a complete waste!

So, what is the best way of restoring a car, or for that matter, anything restorable? Time and money of course! We are talking about 22,000 hours of craftsmanship put over a period of six years.

Yes, that is some seriously long time and a lot of dedication. For the money part, we have a number of 233,000 dollars of pure investment. There is not a single person who could see this car and not fall in love with it. It is just that good, after all the hard work.

This car now enjoys a 6.2 L twin-turbo V8 engine from a Chevrolet. It is covered in stylish yellow, with some dark brown interior.

There are some extra features like all-chrome wheels, improved braking system and all the unnecessary things that are required for drifting, drag-racing or just winning style points.

Take a look at this video, as Launier himself explains his love in details and you can absolutely feel this huge dedication. He also shares some thoughts about the future of this car, and then you get to see this car running hard on a race track.

Was it worth to put all the investment into this car? Was it worth the “best modified American car” award? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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