When it comes to car customization, the first thing that may come to one’s mind is the body parts or the paints jobs. It is understandable, from watching all those movies and playing all those video games.


However, you should know by now that car-customization is in fact, about everything. For example, take a look at this stylish 1964 Chevelle that has been hooked with a customized engine.

With getting to 950 HP on a 9psi of boots, this car has some not bad results at all!

It is being tested in the dyno shakedown room however, and the boys say that it is capable of more than 2000 horsepower, as soon as the turn it up to the 24 psi. We sure hope this will happen in the near future.

These guys are quite happy and optimistic with this vehicle as they say as soon as this beast hits the lines, it will smoke just about anything! We know that cars are quite connected with egos, because we have heard this a bunch of times, but only time will tell whether or not it will be true this time.Also, we give this car bonus points for the paint job.


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