An absolute rarity. Apparently this car has been found in abandon barn, and it is some treasure for sure.

It may look like your normal Cadillac on first glance, but gets more interesting as you start noticing details.

One cannot miss the very thick glass which is – you’ve guessed it – bulletproof.

And being bulletproof with some bullet holes on it, this car has seen and experienced things.

The drilled holes in each window were used so that you would put your gun out while being protected. This car may have been a Mafia car and it must have costed a fortune.

This special build limo is from the 60 series, a 452-CID V16 engine with three-speed manual transmission. It was purchased by a broker for $38.500.See this mysterious car for yourself in the video below and let us know what do you think was the purpose of this car and who used it.

Bear in mind that we are talking about the year 1936 and this car was already armored, protected by bullet-proof windows with gun-holes.

Was this the vehicle of a mafia boss?


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