First, let’s make it clear that this Cadillac, the CTS-V is one of the most serious luxurious cars currently available that can easily smoke competition.

We will see one that had been modified into an even faster animal with some serious power.

The black CTS-V hits the stripe on the Maryland International Raceway with only one purpose – to put the current record into the past. The previous record was 8.3 in the ¼ mile and this car is ready to breakt it.

All this is made possible by the 76-millimetar twin turbos, the TEC 420 CI LSX motor that can hit the 2000 horsepower.

Jerry and his Cad are ready, as they first start with some “slow” runs. However, before running almost completely out of turbo, he manages to hit the number he wants. The record is set with his 7-second pass. An absolute beast.

Watch the video and find out about the runs, and see the record-breaking time with your own eyes. We are positive that this car will keep on breaking its own record in the future.

What do you think about this Cadillac? Let us know if you are a fan in the comments below.


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