Testing The Limits: Jack Reacher And His 1970 Chevelle

Back in May, 2013 we witnessed a true spectacle performed by our favorite character Jack Reacher. Namely, Reacher took his 1970 Chevelle and tried it out in a thrilling car chase, all of which can be seen on Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand from Paramount Pictures. No stuntman was needed, since Tom Cruise’s took over and enjoyed the marvels of the car all on his own

The movie is an adaptation of the best-selling novels Jack Reacher, written by the extraordinary author Lee Child.

Before filming started, a total of nine Chevelles were brought in order to serve well. And serve they did! When the movie was completed, only three were left unharmed.

Cruise was clever enough to keep one SS396 all to himself. The car was being prepped for the movie shooting for four weeks, all executed by a series of majorly talented mechanics.

The built of the beastly Chevelles was a product of Pete Mandel, Justin Mann, Bill DeLuca, Trevor Mann, and Jeff Walters’ tireless work. The cars were found all over America, including four in Michigan, two in Ohio and three in Connecticut. Since the car is easily subjected to modification, it was easy to adapt it to the film’s needs. Some of the alterations included a 540ci or 502ci stroker Merlin big-block.

The Chevelle used for up close interior shooting, was packed with an exterior exo-skeleton, 540ci, dart heads, a Holley 850 cfm carburetor and had Muncie 4-speed manuals to highlight power shifting.


On the other hand, the car used for the exterior filming, was composed of a factory automatic.

Proper car resistance was brought to the filming set, as the cars suffered major damage.

Time was short for the all in all prepping, transporting and modifying. Among other features, a set of beefed-up front shocks, and a rear Hotchkis kit were installed. In old cars such as these, the major problem was the braking installment.

In order to execute a perfect car drift, the squad came up with custom brackets to mount rear disc brakes, incorporated inside the Chevelles.

Greg Kuter also helped install SSBC calipers in the rear area. The team used dual 44mm, 4-piston calipers, and hot-blue pads, intended for performing immediate car stops.

All of the cars were provided with an 8-gallon fuel cell, which would prevent fires from happening. Furthermore, C-clip eliminators were used with a 12-bolt rear-end. This gave the vehicles strength and power over harsh turns

Pretty insane, right?

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