NMCA Bradenton 2016: Car Racing Beyond Limits!

The Bradenton Motorsports Park is the proud host of the annual National Muscle Car Association (NMCA). Settled in Florida, the race competition includes racers from different areas. This year was the 14th Annual Ross Racing Pistons NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem.


Being the first race of the year 2016, it was pretty spectacular and was held in larger areas than in previous years. Spectacular racing cars were seen at the show, but VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod was in charge with around 20 competitors.

As the newest and fastest classes of cars provided by the NMCA, they have come a long way and shocked everyone.


The leading cars in the race were their Corvettes, which amazed with their looks and outstanding features.

The winner of the third place in the competition, Adam Flamholc, took his ’63 split-window with a blown 526ci Hemi and ran 3.89 at 193mph in the 1/8-mile. With less than a tenth behind, John Green’s C6 followed with his powered-up Musi 903ci combo, and won the 9th place.



Finally, Richard Cohen participated with his C6 and won the 11th place together with his 526-cube super car.

At the show, we also saw Mickey Thompson Radial Wars and Edelbrock Xtreme Street. Furthermore, Keith Berry’s ‘02 Z06 dominated the Radial Wars field with his awesome twin-turbo, 487ci small-block combo, reaching 3.98 at 189mph. This happened during the final qualifying round on Saturday.


Still, the 4-second barrier remained undefeated by anyone. The 8th spot belonged to Paul Major’s ’01 Corvette, and ran a 4.54 at 131mph using a twin-turbo big-block.

Although Mark Woodruff’s ’10 Corvette ZR1 sat in the last spot with approximate 6.39 at 88mph, this does not indicate the true power of a C6.

Due to several changes to his M&M 3-speed lock-up transmission, the former font-runner didn’t shine as expected. Just a few weeks ago at SGMP, he ran a 4.00 thanks to his twin-turbo 522ci Sonny Leonard combo.

The only ’01 Z06 still competing actively in LSX Real Street, was the Corvette rep Xtreme Street, Cameron Massengale.


As of 201, NMCA modified the rules of the competition in Xtreme Street, giving racers like Cameron a chance to keep on competing in the other four races which do not belong to the LSX Challenge Series.

Although he only got to the 6th place, running with 7.80 at 163mph (1/4-mile), it was clear that his car can handle a lot more by using nitrous-injection 440ci LSX.


It is expected that with practice, the high-scholar shall reach up to 7.7 e.t.

Wonder of all wonders, it was a ’79 Malibu wagon that became the leader in the race with a 7.67 at 176mph.

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