Reasons To By The Top Aston Martin Instead Of A Regular BMW M6

Everyone is a fan of the exotic and pricy- if we can afford it. There is not a person that wouldn’t go for a Ferrari or a Lamborghini if money was not the issue, and that is completely justified. Still, we have another perfect solution that will save you a few bucks and still get you a classic brand to brag about.

We would like to introduce you to the Aston Martin DBS, which may be one of the most staggering cars you will get to see. The best part of all- it will cost far less than getting a BMW M6.

 Aston Martin DBS 2009

And here is why.

The 2009 Aston Martin DBS is the last big body Aston Martin ever made with a naturally aspirated six liter V12 under the hood and a 6 speed manual transmission. This means that you’ll get no flappy paddle, double clutch or semi-automatic push-button features.

For laymen and amateurs, this should not be interesting. But for all those with a little sense for cars and tradition this article is the starting point of a pure enlightenment.


The huge hind-pipes of the Aston Martin deliver 510 horsepower- which is actually one of the most insane noises you will hear. Its exterior screams out with class and style, which is simply undeniable. If we had to nitpick, and truly do so, we will remark certain buttons placement- but other than that, this is the ‘it’ car for you!

At about $100k, this monster of a car is here to be taken, but not for very long, though.

More than 30,000 miles on this Aston’s odometer may freak you out and make you second-guess your decision, but you’d be wrong. There is definitely a way to enjoy a stress-free ride without spending a dime on repairs. The answer is the Aston Martin factory bumper-t0-bumper warranty.

 Aston Martin DBS 2009
Aston Martin DBS 2009

Aston Martin developers give out warranty on all their cars, in case those are not more than a decade old and pass the safety inspections.

The warranty lasts between 12 and 24 months of warranty, for around $4,000 to $7,000 on top of the purchase price of the car.

This warranty will be unavailable after a certain period of time, but it will provide enough time to save some money for when you actually need it.


 Aston Martin DBS 2009
Aston Martin DBS 2009

Aston Martin made sure to satisfy its clients with such an opportunity, which will be laughed off at Ferrari or any other car label.

Having in mind his overall history, this may be the ideal Aston martin to buy. Not even the newest models of the car are quite as good as this one. You can modify it as you wish- classic or sporty.

Having in mind that this is a legendary GT cruiser that comes with a warranty, the price tag is absolutely silly.

If you are a true car lover and appreciate the good things in life, we know that you will bow down to this deal. If not, you may truly be out of your mind. And we would like to dislike your life and car perceptions.

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