The 2.0L Turbo 1967 Nova new chevy develop by Chevrolet Performance

Chevrolet Performance bragged with its 1967 Chevy Nova . The classic car was powered by its new 2.0L turbocharged and direct-injected crate motor, the LTG.



This is not your everyday car, working on strength only. It actually holds a 2.0L four-banger right below the hood.

Small as it is, the powers it offers are immense. Its little engine comes with a 272 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Weight-wise it is an estimated 100 pounds less than an ordinary Chevy LS motor.


The main purpose for the creation of this old car was to demonstrate the versatility of the new four-banger LTG crate engine. A motor like this can be found in other similar cars like the sixth-gen Camaros, along with the Tremec TR-1360 six-speed manual. This one, was also used in the 1967 Nova.

The final outcome was simple and clear- create a vehicle that keeps the classic elements, with a pinch of modern. Furthermore, it gives stability and mobility at once. The car reviews show that this automobile enables fuel saving, as well.

Take a look at the gallery below and get imagine what it would be like to get a car deal of these proportions:

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