The 7 Most Dependable Cars to buy For from car dealerships Less Than 10,000

If you want to score a great used car dealerships , and end up with a decent vehicle and save a couple of bucks, this list is going to be of tremendous help. These are the top 7 autos which are not only reliable, but cheap as well. To get upfront in a great car sale and purchase experience, read the list below and take your pick:

Lexus IS300

  1. 2002 Lexus IS300

Also known as the Altezza, this amazing Lexus IS300, is pretty incredible to have if you’re in for a great ride and occasional thrill.

With comes with a five speed manual transmission and 2JZ-GE engine. Although this may not be the most perfect engine of all, it can be easily replaced with the mammoth potential powerhouse GTE version. Just a few more simple modifications and what you’ll have in front of you are ultra-cool wheels.


Jeep Wrangler

  1. 2005 Jeep Wrangler

As far as performances go, the 20015 Jeep Wrangler the bullet proof 4L straight 6, accompanied by a 6spd manual. One thing is certain- it will deliver!

Lexus SC300

  1. 1992 Lexus SC300

Speaking of underestimated cars, the Lexus SC300 is definitely one of them. Mechanically speaking, it is exactly the same as the unobtainium MK4 Toyota Supra. However, it is far more modern than that and it is good to go anywhere, if we have in mind that its 2JZ-GE engine delivering power through its rear wheels, is at the top of its game. Also, you will get a manual transmission, not seen in many other cars.

Lexus SC300

  1. 1993 Volvo 940

The definition of stability and trustworthiness, this Volvo 940 won’t let you down by a long shot. Trauma-proof and resistant, this car may only need a change of timing belt, and that is pretty much it. Car reviews on the net agree that you can take this car and drive it into a ditch, and you’ll only have minimal damage to fix. Take about the car deal of a lifetime!

Lincoln Town Car

  1. 2011 Lincoln Town Car

At first glance, it may look cheap and underbuilt. However, the Lincoln Town Car has been on then car market for over two decades and still doesn’t give us a reason not to buy it.

Being the Executive L version, this vehicle is longer in the wheelbase, which means customers should be lining up to make a deal.

Lexus IS300

  1. 1999 Lexus LS400

Elegance plus minimum budget costs- we accept! The Lexus LS400 became the role model for all of the future car series of its kind. It can surpass 900,000 in mileage, which means it will be taking you places. Low maintenance is another ‘go’ aspect, as far as we are concerned.


  1. 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser

No other car can come close to the Toyota Land Cruiser, in terms of dependability and strength.

It can run for miles and miles, and never get tired. As far as reliability goes, no better car can do it. This is it. The dream car deal with the dream price to follow it.

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