This Glorious Shelby Cobra Is Now Cheaper Than A Minivan!

Travelling back to the 60s and going all American- this insane Backdraft Cobra replica will give you everything you wanted in a car, and more! Also, this is the fastest car of the Carroll Shelby line presented in the 20th century.

Having in mind that the original Shelby Cobras are pretty rare, the 2006 Backdraft Cobra RT3 replica does the original’s job quite nice. It is not as expensive as the original model as well, and the strong built of the car may even be better than that in the original version.

 Shelby Cobra


Unlike the original car, this one is much more shaped, spacious and without all the unnecessary frills engineering found in the 60s model. This gives extra safety on the road and much better quality in general. All in all this is a very decently modified Ford 302 cubic inch V8, which will give you the power of the original car, but upgraded to a maximum. If you are an adrenaline junkie, this may be the car for you. In case you have not sat behind a Cobra’s wheel, let us tell you- it is fast, class and built to last. But, in case speed is not something you look forward to, you may end up like Matt Farah who sold his Cobra, claiming he was overwhelmed by the cars performances and felt that every ride may be his last.

With a price of less than $40k, you can either get this exceptional beast or a standard Honda Odyssey, so feel free to take your pick.

This incredible Cobra replica comes built with a custom steel ladder chassis and fiberglass body, preserving the safety element.

 Shelby Cobra

Shelby Cobra

And here is what the experts had to say regarding its construction:

The ladder-type chassis is fabricated in a jig from SAE 1008 2’ x 4’ hot rolled rectangular steel tubing, with a 1/8” wall thickness, enabling sturdy chassis in both beam strength and in torsion rigidity. Furthermore, the chassis is upgraded with laser cut steel gusset plates in various places- this gives the car extra strength and stability. The chassis is built in such way that it can accept a race proven independent rear suspension, offering coil over struts in the front. The completely rubber layer in the car enables smooth ride and eliminates the mechanical noises. The engine has several options, like a full range of small block, big block and modern day engines.

In order to be safer, the chassis has been constructed with a front crumple zone, whereas the roll bar is structurally attached to the chassis.

 Shelby Cobra

Shelby Cobra


Even though you may not initially be a replica or a kit car person this car will blow your mind. It was built in order to deliver strengths unseen in other models, and it is safe to say that the Cobra replica was designed to deliver what was promise- stability and power.

Another Backdraft Cobra has been a subject of conversation, and it belonged to Will Hough. For those you don’t know him, he was the guy who got his car trashed by Taylor Swift – but the car lived up to its name and remained amazing.

 Shelby Cobra

Having a car like this is not a hard task. The repair costs, if needed, will be generally minimal, due to its exceptional built and design meant to endure.

Again, if you are up for the challenge of riding fast and living fully, but feeling safe at the same time, this is definitely the auto for you. It will do anything but disappoint you- and that is something worth having!

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